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The Air Conditioning & Chiller Company is committed to protecting the environment for our future generations and in view of the ever increasing threat to our planet we strictly adhere to current legislation and manufacturers recommendations in the use and disposal of refrigerants.

As part of our commitment to comply with the safe handling and disposal of refrigerants all our waste frefrigerants are retured to our preferred refrigerant supplier who tests the content and correctly disposes of them in accordance with the environmental policy and full documentation of the procedures will be produced when requested together with our official waste diposal certification, authorised by the local authority.

All our engineers are ACRIB registered & have attained F Gas Catagory 1 qualifications.

In order to help reduce CO2 emissions, the goverment have introduced an incentive scheme called Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA).

This allows for the qualifying equipment and associated installation cost of up to 100% to be offset against corporation tax within the first year.

For current lists of qualifying equipment and further information on the ECA scheme please visit